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『 ✗ 』Roxas moved over to the people, and rested his hand son the counter. "Hey, what can I get you? Everything’s free for thirty minutes."


『†』: " Everything ? Are you included, by any chance ? ” He’s feeling quite frisky, at the moment, showing more interest in the blonde rather than anything else.

The things I liked became less and less,

and the things I hated grew more and more.

Kenshi Yonezu - Love And Fever (via shinu-ue)

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                        even when you    FALL APART

radiantessence asked:
Sora clings to the male, showering his face with kisses.




『†』: Eh ?! Sora, What The hell has gotten into you ?! “ 


    Slides off of, backs away. Uh-.”


『†』: "Jeez, Sora. You can’t just attack me like that. I’m not used to you being so aggressive. ( bold faced lie ) I’m not just a slab of man meat, you know.


  ✴✴☾ — ❝ I suppose I’m generally in a good mood, ❞ she admitted, tapping her chin with her index finger as she considered his question. It wasn’t that she didn’t have bad days or moments when she felt unhappy. No, it was simply that being negative was so draining and often served no purpose. But wait — what had he called her? Usa-chii? The blonde hadn’t expected to gain a nickname so quickly, but she wasn’t about to turn it down. Especially when the name was so cute. ❝ Wow, I have a nickname already? That’s so awesome! Maa, I should come up with one for you too… ❞

                              Turning on her heel, Usagi began to pace around, back and forth in a circle as she contemplated what a good nickname would be. Her face was flushed with excitement, pleased to have acquired a new friend and a name of endearment all within a few minutes. Her eyebrows were narrowed and lips were pinched, fingers rubbing against her temple. This was hard! She continued about for a few moments more before whirling around once again and stalking right up to the male. Grabbing hold of his hands, Usagi stared up at him intensely, then broke out into happy laughter. ❝ Vani-chii! That’s your name, okay? I think it fits! You can be Vani-chii and I’ll be Usa-chii! Or is that too unoriginal? ❞ She was so proud of her accomplishment that she was practically beaming, her smile spread from once side to the other.


                              As she slowly came down from her momentary high, she realized their hands were still clasped together. The heat from his palms felt soothing and somewhere in the back of her mind, she felt as though this entire scene had happened before. Lips parted and went lax, mouth open in a slight “o” shape. Her gaze was unwavering and focused as she searched his own for an answer to this mental mystery, this notion that they had indeed met before. ❝ Vanitas… where are you from? ❞ she inquired, the nickname all but forgotten in the midst of the confusion.


『†』: " Is That So ? " He stifles a chuckle, refusing to allow her a glimpse of his eyes that glimmer with smidgens of disbelief. Suspicion seemed to creep upon him even now, however his doubts of her being a liar kept skepticism at bay. She did seem truly… innocent. Like a naive, mirthful child. What could he, let alone those who encounter her, assume was at fault ? Although, She couldn’t possibly be entirely satisfied with her current situation. No one was ever completely happy, whether it the past or present that plagues them. Perhaps she was a hypocrite. However, something inside of him pleads to believe that she’s anything but that. Perhaps she hadn’t tasted the absinthe of life just yet. And he hoped that someone like her would never be forced to experience such bitterness.

She’s kind of a quirky girl. Quite enigmatic in a charming way and straight to the point. He found her to be quite amusing as she had begun to think over a petname for the raven after having him accidentally bestow one upon her as well. However, his amusement faded into his own embarrassment at the name she’s given him in return. A rather cutesy name solely to match her own. It didn’t help that she’d clasping his hands at the time. Blushing, he couldn’t argue with her. Not when she seemed so… delighted. Giving her a small, tolerant smile, he nods. Vani-chii it is.

Her last query had taken him by surprise, giving him a long minute to think over an answer despite there only being one. A small city called Radiant Garden… I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of it. It’s barely even a place to call home now. Tolerance fades into impatience as he prompts his own question, feeling as if it had been the proper time to ask now. Usa-Chi.. This is an odd question but.. Have we met sometime before today ? Somehow.. I get this nostalgic feeling when I look at you. He’s hoping he isn’t the only one.

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The heart may be weak. And sometimes it may even give in. 
But I've learned...

               Shes the kind
                                                  that’ll ask if you’re okay
                                               then punch you for being
                                                                     r e c k l e s s. 

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radiantessence asked:
Sora clings to the male, showering his face with kisses.


『†』: Eh ?! Sora, What The hell has gotten into you ?! “