Vampy Girl:

▐ █「 ♫ 」

Oh nothing, nothing at all.


』: ❝ Doesn’t seem like nothing.
          Not when you have that suspicious look on your face. ❞



♛ || ~ “He’s doing just fine.” Maria replies, she walked over to the bed making sure he’s nicely tucked in “He just needs to rest. It’s good he was found before it was too late. The Master’s burns and wounds will heal but it will take it’s time.”


』: ❝ Hm.. Do you know anything about his attackers ? ❞ The only thing he knew about the attackers is that they’d used holy water, something any ordinary Vampire wouldn’t be able to obtain without being burned in the process of using it as a weapon against their own kind. ❝ Has something like this ever happened before ?


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          She’s lost in thought, marveling about her home & 
          what people must think of it. She pondered — did
          they think it beautiful? Terrifying? Both? 

         Are you afraid of the ocean? Comes the inquiry;
          and   although  sudden,   she  was  truly   curious.

          『』: ❝ Hm .. ? ❞ He hums, softly, eventually thinking over
                    How to respond. The ocean, a vast body of water, large
                    & mystifying to those who have not the chance to delve inside.
                    With a nod, He tilts his head at an angle, watching her.
                    ❝ Isn’t everyone ? ❞            


               He hadn’t encountered a single soul who told him
               They honestly felt at peace within the oceans embrace,
               Without a doubtful that doubtful look in his eyes.
               Perhaps they were fear-stricken with the simple mystery
               That was the ocean itself.


The W O R L D
               has not seen my anger yet.

                                                   [ And when it does, ]

                                 It will S̶̷̸̲̲̿H̶̷̸̲̲̿A̶̷̸̲̲̿T̶̷̸̲̲̿T̶̷̸̲̲̿E̶̷̸̲̲̿R̶̷̸̲̲̿ under my f̲e̲e̲t̲.̲


                               i loved you 
                                head over
                               like my first
                           bicycle accident. 

    before the mouthful of
gravel and blood 
      ░ ▒ ▓    i swore we were flying.    ░ ▒ ▓

jack-and-elsa-icecreamshop asked:
i want a hug *rolls over into your arms*


』: ❝ Don’t tell me you’re gonna be clingy too ?

thehuntressofthenight asked:
"Well, of course I am clingy. I missed you." Burrying her face in his chest and sighed happily. " I am good, really hot, but good."(How are you Senpai?)


』: ❝ Even when we’re not apart, You’re clingy, ❞ He points out, patting her head. ❝ You sick or something ?

lone-hocaloid asked:
Aku walks in and hugs her brother silently.


』: ❝ … ? ❞ He caresses her, rubbing her back gently although unsure why she had hugged him so suddenly.

aoyagiritsukaai asked:
-cowers in fear at the sudden sound of thunder-


』: He instinctively wraps an arm around the younger boy, holding him to his chest as if to give reassurance as well as protection from the thunder.