"…………………….I’m going to call the police.”


『†』 : Uh-oh. ❝ C-Come now, Sora ! Don’t be rash ! I can’t afford to go back to jail. ❞


       A thrill ran along her spine as an unknown but deep voice reached her ears while she could feel the sensation of not being alone and the fear that someone could be right behind her. The little Pokémon on her shoulder was gently pulling her hair as to get her attention and he invited her to turn and face the presence. Touko wasn’t quite sure if do it or not, but without noticing she was slowly turning. 

As expected, someone was standing now before her eyes and as first appearance, she could say he had an attitude she did not like.


       "Showing me the way, you say?" She asked before to give a look to Oshawott on her shoulder and then looking back at him. "Give me a reason why I should trust you."


『†』 : Aren’t My Charm And good looks reason enough ? ❞ His morality was debatable. Vanitas wasn’t a particularly good guy, especially not when he was in this sort of mood, but he wasn’t exactly bad either planning no more than to point her or even lead her in the wrong direction, running off promptly after she becomes lost and laughing about before returning to assist her. A childish prank, most would say it was. that he’d done many of times before to strangers. He seemed to take pleasure in the misfortune of others. Even so, The raven wouldn’t allow something unpleasant to happen to this girl after causing her to loose her way. He wasn’t that evil, after all.

❝ Don’t you want some company on your trip ? Besides, You’re ore likely to get lost on your own than you are with someone who knows the way ❞ If his subtle persuasion wouldn’t get through to her, He’d simply wander off to find another victim, having way far too much time on his hands to waste. So ? Shall we go ?

vanilla-ceai asked ;  
*pokes the van*




『†』: ❝  Uhm.. Hello.

"Heyyyy there van long time no see. So i thought i drop by to bug you" sora replied playfully poking the others shoulder,


『†』: It Has Been A While, hasn’t it ? ❞ He doesn’t like to be poked, making a face at the other when such an action is executed. ❝ — How’ve you been holding up ?



"Hardly… Are you trying to make me sound like a five year old?”


『†』 : Not Intentionally. No, ❞ With a kittenish grin, The other pondered over various other things he could nickname the other. If you don’t like your nickname, I’ll just think of something else to call you. If it appeases you.

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                                                 they know you to be「 ʀᴜᴛʜʟᴇss」                      
                                                          to be e m o t i o n l e s s ;;                              
                                                      but there is not one moment
                                               where you do not think of the ғαlleɴ.

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                                              But if you ( l o v e d ) me
                                                 Why’d you leave me?

Baby Blue:


     "Tch." He’s a little slow, but he finds that he’s being flirted with. He really attracted a lot of attention from guys lately and he hasn’t even been using his voice to get said attention. "You think I’ll give you my name when I don’t even know yours? Think again."


『†』: Quid pro Quo, eh ? Fine. ❞ He’s going to be a tough one. That much was apparent. ❝ My name is Vanitas. Vanitas Odium. And you are ? ❞ He didn’t mind doing a little chasing Hmhmhm… Baby Blue would certainly be worth it.